Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical Trainer Review Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical Trainer Review
livestrong 8.0 elliptical trainer console
livestrong 8.0E Elliptical trainer
Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical Trainer Review

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Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical Trainer

A Review of the Livestrong 8.0 Elliptical & Where To Buy It At A Discount

1)   Six Star Certified - This 8.0E elliptical is six star certified. This means that it's built to specific standards that make your elliptical workout more comfortable. This certification includes

ZEROgap™ Ideal Pedal Placement

IDEALfit™ Optimal Handlebar Spacing

StraightUP™ Body Posture Design

SMOOTHPulley™ System for Efficient Motion

FLATellipse™ Natural Foot Path

SUREstep™ Easy Access Design

For example, closer foot pedals feel more natural to your body and can reduce the strain on your hips. A more upright design also feels more natural and comfortable as you're not leaning on the handrails as much as with cheaper ellipticals.

The Surestep easy access design gives you a low step-on height, which for many people feels more comfortable.

2) Manual Incline - Incline (not the same as resistance) changes the slope of the elliptical motion, working different sets of muscle groups.

This gives you a more effective workout and helps to avoid overtraining. The 8.0 elliptical model comes with a 5 position manual incline which means you have to get off the machine to change the incline. (For power incline options, see the higher end Livestrong 10.0 or 13.0 models.)

3) 9 Built-In Workout Programs - The 8.0 E Ellipticals comes with 9 built-in workouts inlcuding Lance’s Climb, Muscle Toner, Mellow Johnny’s Trail and more. These can help keep you challenged during your workout.

4) 20" Stride Length - While cheaper ellipticals often come with a 14 - 16" stride, Livestrong machines use a fuller 20" stride. A longer stride helps you to more fully work your leg muscles and gives you a more optimal workout. While this is not unique to Livestrong, it's still a great feature to have - especially at this price point.

5) 23 lb Flywheel for Smooth Ride - In general with ellipticals the heavier the flywheel, the smooth ride you get. The 8.0 elliptical comes with a decent 23 lb flywheel.

While it's not the heaviest flywheel out there, at this price point, it's incredible. (Just to give you an idea, Horizon - which is around the same price point uses 16 lb flywheels on average).


The Livestrong 8.0E elliptical trainer is affordable - but  it's still a newer starter elliptical and does not have some of the extra features that the higher end 13.0E model offers - like the Archpedal that tones your glutes or the heavier 30 lb flywheel.


The Livestrong 8.0E elliptical offers some impressive features in a machine under $800 including an extra long 20" stride and manual incline. The six-star certified ergonomic design will definitely give you a more comfortable ride.

While it's not a commercial grade machine, if you're on a budget and want a value machine that's better built than your typical department store unit, the 8.0E elliptical is worth checking out.

You can see a fully video of how this elliptical works on the manufacturer's website here (scroll down to the bottom).

Where To Buy At A Discount:

You can buy the Livestrong 8.0E elliptical direct from the Manufacturer. They're also offering Free Shipping which can also save you at least $150+.

Click Here To Save on the Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical
The Livestrong 8.0 elliptical is Livestrong's most affordable elliptical, coming in under $800.

And it gives you some impressive features at this price point including a longer 20" stride, 5 position manual incline and six-star certified ergonomic design for a more comfortable ride.

Livestrong equipment is endorsed by super-athlete Lance Armstrong and part of the proceeds from the sale of these ellipticals go to the Livestrong Foundation, which helps to fight cancer.

Livestrong is manufactured by Johnson - one of the largest fitness equipment companies in the world. They also own high end brands like Matrix and Vision.

So is this the right buy for you? Here's a review of the Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical to help you decide:


Price: $799 + Free Shipping

Stride Length: 20"

Resistance Levels: 16

Built In Workout Programs: 9

Upper Body Arms: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse Grip

Water Bottle Holder: Yes

User Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Warranty: Lifetime Frame and brake, 1 year parts, 1 year in home labor
Livestrong 8.0 Elliptical Trainer
Best price Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical