Nordic Track Free Strider 35S Elliptical Trainer Review Nordic Track Free Strider 35S Review
nordic track free strider 35S elliptical
Nordic Track Free Strider Elliptical
Nordic Track Free Strider 35S Elliptical Trainer Review

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Nordic Track Free Strider 35S Review

What To Know Before You Buy

1) Longest Stride Available on an Elliptical - Up to 35"

The Freestrider 35S gives you strides of up to 35" - this is 2X what you get with many ellipticals.

This longer stride uses more muscle fibers and burns more calories. Nordic Track calls it a "User Defined stride" which means that you choose the stride length you want while on the machine (no buttons to push, no getting off the machine to adjust the stride length).

You can do short strides to work your calves, medium strides to work your quads and longer strides to work your glutes and hamstrings.

Because of the many different strides to choose from, this elliptical is also handy for families or multiple users since everyone can choose the stride they like.

2) iPod Port With Built In Sound System

You can plug your iPod or MP3 player into the built-in audio jack and listen to your favorite music through the deluxe sound system built into the console. This can make your workouts a lot more enjoyable.

3) iFit Live

iFit Live is the newest technology that Nordic Track is adding to a few of their ellipticals.

If you have wireless Internet in your home you can connect your elliptical to the Internet. It's powered by Googlemaps and Google terrain so that you can see different trails all over the world as you workout.

You can customize and download your own workout programs and workout with Jillian Michaels from 'The Biggest Loser' - where she coaches you through your workout.

You can also do other things like compete against your Facebook friends, track your activity and nutrition online and even download workout videos.

4) 25 Built In Workouts

In addition to the workouts you can get through iFit LIVE the Free Strider elliptical also comes with 10 Performance workouts and 15 Target Toning workouts (which adjusts the resistance to meet your workout goal).

5) Bright LCD Graffix Console

This is one of the sleeker consoles that Nordic Track uses. The LCD display shows multiple workout stats feedback or a single display as large as 1" tall, depending on what you want to see.

It's also fairly bright which means if lighting in your workout area is limited, you can still easily follow your workout progress.


The Freestrider 35S uses an inverted arch pattern - which is a little different than a standard elliptical. It's more of a climbing motion that you can really feel in your glutes, more so than a standard elliptical motion.  So it may take some getting used to.

Also, when we tried it out, we didn't like that the cup holder was so low it was hard to reach unless you actually stopped and reached down.

Summary:  Recommended

The Nordic Track Free Strider 35 S elliptical trainer combines the high calorie burn of incline training with the low joint impact of elliptical training. If you're looking to burn calories very fast, it may be just what you're looking for.

You get the longest stride you can find on an elliptical - up to 35".  Plus you can choose your own preferred stride length while on the machine - no buttons to push. So you can choose multiple strides in one workout which gives you an overall superior crosstraining workout.

Plus Nordic track recently dropped the price $300 to under $1000 for a short time - which makes this a much better deal.

Where To Buy At A Discount:

You can buy the Nordictrack Freestrider direct through the Manufacturer. They're currently throwing in Free Shipping which will also save you some money.

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The Nordic Track FreeStrider 35S Elliptical trainer offers a completely new elliptical design.

It combines the low-impact stride of an elliptical with the high calorie burn from incline training.

You choose your own stride length as you workout. You can get strides of up to 35" - which is twice what most ellipticals give you.

A longer stride uses more muscle fibers and burns more calories - so you get faster results in less time.

This also makes the Freestrider elliptical good for multiple users as everyone can choose a stride that's comfortable for them.

So is the Nordic Track Free Strider 35S right for you? Here's a quick review to help you decide:


Price: $999 (Sale + Free Shipping)

Stride Length: 0 - 35"

Resistance Levels: 16

Built In Workout Programs: 25

Upper Body Arms: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Hand Grip

User Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Footprint: 29" x 67"


iPod/Mp3 dock with Console Speakers

Warranty: Lifetime on Frame, 1 year on Parts & Labor

Nordic Track Freestrider Elliptical
best price Nordic Track Free Strider Elliptical Trainer